What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

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za--overview_of_dsasDynamic search ads are dynamically created ads based on the content of your website. The targeting for dynamic search ads is also automated. This means there is no need to choose keywords or create ads. Dynamic search ads can save a great deal of time. Instead of having to write hundreds or thousands of ads for different products, this can all be done automatically.

They also have a suitable targeting method based on the attributes you placed in your product data feed in Google Merchant Center.

Who should use them

Dynamic Search Ads offer a great convenience for certain kinds of businesses. You might want to run dynamic search ads if:

  • Your website features a large number of different products or services
  • You offer products or services that change frequently
  • You sell seasonal product lines or other seasonal offerings

Who shouldn’t use them

Dynamic search ads are not appropriate for every type of business. If your website is small, with only a small number of products or services, you’re better off sticking with search only campaigns, as opposed to dynamic search. Also, dynamic search ads require that your webpages have clear indicators of the products and services you offer, without confusion. In other words, each landing page must have a clear focus on a single product or service.

Also, dynamic search ads are not well suited for businesses that offer customizable products, or websites that have offers that change every day.

Key things to know about them

The main thing to remember about dynamic search ads is that they are time-saving convenience. The larger the number of products and services offered on your website, the more of a timesaver dynamic search ads can be for you.

When it comes to the most lucrative parts of your business, it’s best to avoid dynamic search ads in favor of standard search ads. This way, you can have more control over your targeting and ad creation.

If there is a conflict between dynamic search ad targeting and one of your exact match keywords, your dynamic search ad will not show.

In the case of a broad or phrase match, your dynamic search ad might show in that situation.


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