Ways to Find if Your AdWords Ad is Showing

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bri--blog--is your ad showingThere are many complicated aspects to using Google AdWords. One frustrating thing is when you set up your campaign, and then have difficulty seeing your ad appear in Google searches. This article is to explain the most common reasons why your ad might not be appearing, and various tools and techniques for diagnosing why your ad might not be appearing.

If your AdWords ad is not appearing when you’re expecting it to, there could be several reasons for this. The first thing to keep in mind is that AdWords likes to spread your ad appearances evenly throughout the day. The frequency of the appearances depends on your budget. Remember that when you are close to reaching your budget, Google will either slow down or stop the appearances of your ad.

Here are a few other questions you might want to consider when your ads are not appearing:

– Are you searching from the location that you are wishing to target?

– Are you using ad scheduling? If so, are you looking for your ad during one of the scheduled times for your campaign to run?

– Are you looking for your ad by searching a keyword that you are targeting?

– Did you check to see if your ad was approved? Google will sometimes disapprove the ads you write based on its policies.

– Could there be a problem with your bid? Remember that AdWords is an auction-based system.

– The ranking order of the ads is determined primarily by the amount you bid, and your quality score. If your resulting ad rank score is not high enough, your ad will not appear in the search results.


Tools and techniques

First, there’s the ad preview and diagnosis tool. This is a very handy tool that can let you see search results with ads, but without resulting in impressions accrued for the advertiser.

To find the tool, in AdWords, go to the tools menu, and click Ad Preview and Diagnosis.

When you reach the tool, choose the appropriate options at the top, including a location. Google changes the search results based on user location. When results are shown, you can see if your ad is being displayed.

Another thing to check is to see if your ads are enabled. Sign into your AdWords account, click the ads tab, and look for a green circle next your ad. A green circle means that your ad is enabled.

Another thing to do is check the statistics in your account to see if your ads are receiving traffic from customers. Sign into your AdWords account and click the campaigns tab. Are you seeing data for clicks, impressions, click through rates, etc.?

The next thing to check is the keywords tab. Check to see if your keywords are eligible to trigger your ads by clicking the speech bubble icon in the status column on the keyword tab.

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