Troubleshooting Problems with Conversion Optimizer in AdWords

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bri--blog--troubleshooting conv optimizerThe Conversion Optimizer is a great feature in AdWords that can help you increase conversions and lower costs with your campaigns. It basically entails letting the AdWords system take over control of your bidding so that its data signals can determine probability of conversion equations each time your ad is eligible to be served. When an advertiser first starts to use Conversion Optimizer, they may be confused by some of the data. And it’s possible that under particular circumstances this feature will not work very well. Here are some of the most common problems, and possible explanations:

PROBLEM–Conversion Optimizer won’t turn on

If you are trying to start using CPA bidding–which is the Conversion Optimizer–and you are unable to, it might be because you haven’t accumulated enough history with conversion tracking. Google advises that you must have conversion tracking enabled for at least 30 days, and you must have had at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days in order to enable Conversion Optimizer.

PROBLEM–You are getting fewer clicks after starting to use Conversion Optimizer

The Conversion Optimizer attempts to get you more conversions in how it places your ads. If it determines that some placements are less likely to get conversions, it may not display your ad for that auction. For that reason, you may see a decrease in clicks and impressions. Also, it’s possible that the CPA bid you set is too low.

PROBLEM–Cost per acquisition is too high

The Conversion Optimizer uses historical data from your previous conversions, and utilizes its massive data resources to display your ads in a way that should lead to more conversions. However, there is no guarantee it will work out this way. Your actual cost per acquisition is affected by factors beyond Google’s control, so your maximum CPA bid might be exceeded. There are many reasons why this could happen. For one thing, your field of competitors might have changed. Also, your predicted conversion rate is based on your past conversion rate. If your actual conversion rate turns out to be lower than the prediction, your actual CPA may exceed your maximum CPA bid. If your average cost per acquisition is more than you want to pay, you can always lower your CPA bid.

PROBLEM–Conversion rate drops after starting to use Conversion Optimizer:

One thing to not be too concerned about is if you see a drop in your conversion rate. It’s possible that the Conversion Optimizer finds a way to display your ads that results in very cheap clicks. This could lead to getting many more impressions, but fewer clicks and conversions. That should be okay because, after all, it’s the number of conversions and the cost per conversion that determine your success.

Other notes

Keep in mind that Conversion Optimizer does not work with any bid adjustments, except for a mobile device adjustment of -100%.

Also, don’t expect it to work well with new keywords, because it has no historical data on them to base its predictions.

Conversion Optimizer cannot be used with shopping campaigns, and you can’t use separate bids for the display network and search network.

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