Tools for Testing

Would you like to know more about how your visitors interact with your web pages? There are services that go beyond the capabilities of analytics platforms to give you different types of information about user activity on your site. Here are a few of those services:

Use their heatmap to see where people click on the page (sometimes people click images or items just to see if they are links).

Can answer questions like:

Where parts of the web pages do people tend to hover over with their mouse?

Where exactly are the clicking?

At what point are they abandoning filling out a form?

Where to visitors who searched for certain keywords go on a page?

Is there a difference between what new visitors and returning visitors click on?

How far down the page are people scrolling?

Which referral source lead to clicks on certain parts of the page?


These services can also help you do A/B and multivariate testing of landing pages.