Things You Must Know About Google Merchant Center

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za-gmc_overviewGoogle Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload your store and product information to Google. That makes your products eligible to appear in product listing ads on, or on the Google Shopping web property.

Setting up a Google Merchant Center account is a fairly simple process. The key element involved is what’s called your “product feed,” or “data feed.” This is submitted in spreadsheet format, and has rows and columns to describe the products you offer, as well as the various attributes of those products–such as price, condition, brand, etc.

Some of the basic account requirements are: that your site has a secure checkout process, that your site shows a return policy, and that your site displays accurate information for how to get in touch with you. It also requires that you verify ownership of the website. This can be done several ways, including through your Google Search Console account.

Why businesses should use it

Having a Google Merchant Center account is a necessary part of running shopping campaigns in AdWords. Once you have Merchant Center account with an active data feed, you will be able to promote certain products on a pay per click basis.

It’s also possible to use Google Merchant Center to sell products that are only available for sale off-line, or in a local area. If you have a local store with products for sale, ads for those products can appear for people searching in your area, regardless of if they are for sale online or in-store only.

Key things to know about it

The key things to know about Google Merchant Center are that it is Google’s official tool for merchants to present their products in a recognizable format for the Google Shopping platform. This allows you to create shopping campaigns and product listing ads in AdWords.

It’s not overly complicated to use, but requires an active product feed or data feed that accurately describes your products and corresponding attributes, such as price, color, etc.

Google Merchant Center also has other great features, like the ability to ad promotional messages, merchant promotions, and the Google Trusted Stores program.

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