The 12 Most Important Things to Know About AdWords

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bri--Blog--005Google AdWords is a remarkable advertising platform that offers businesses an incredible amount of outlets, methods, features, and techniques for getting highly targeted, cost efficient exposure. It is very complicated to execute well, however, and introduces many new concepts. In my opinion, these are the 12 most important things to understand about it. If you are new in this area, I think this list gives you a good starting point for gaining an overall understanding for using AdWords.



  1. AdWords is a platform for search advertising. It allows you to advertise on the results page when people are searching for your product or service.
  2. AdWords is also a platform for display advertising. Your display ads can appear next to content on the millions of websites that show Google ads–also in apps, and gaming systems.
  3. AdWords allows you to do remarketing— that means to advertise specifically to the people who have recently visited your website, or certain parts of your website
  4. AdWords is primarily a pay-per-click system, meaning advertisers don’t pay for appearances of their ad. They only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad.
  5. With AdWords, you have complete control over your budget. It can be capped at whatever amount you choose every day.
  6. AdWords provides incredible flexibility when it comes to targeting ads to the right people based on what they are searching, what content they are viewing around the web, their location, the device they are using, and more.
  7. Click costs are determined by auction. As an advertiser, you set a bid for the maximum you’re willing to pay for click.
  8. Campaigns can be changed or paused at any time.
  9. Ads can be scheduled to appear only at certain times of the day, or certain days of the week. This is especially useful for stores and restaurants that offer promotions at certain times every week, or every day.
  10. Location targeting gives flexibility for the areas where your ads will appear. You can target areas by: country state city zip code, or a customized radius around an address. Location targeting options also include demographic specifications, such as household income percentile.
  11. AdWords gives you a wealth of valuable data, including precise ways of knowing if your ad is bringing in new business or not. For example, you can use phone call tracking, or conversion tracking to find out which ads, landing pages, and targeting methods are working the best, and which are working the worst.
  12. AdWords has a built in “quality check” feature that evaluates how well you are using the system. Each keyword in your account is given a “quality score.” Good quality scores are rewarded with better ad visibility and lower costs per click.

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