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bri--blog--aw_logoThis article is to give a brief and clear overview of advertising with the Google AdWords platform. I’m going to explain what AdWords is, where the ads appear, and the costs involved. Let’s get started.


What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s online platform for paid advertisements. It is an incredibly versatile and flexible system that allows businesses to show the right ad to the right person at the right time.

The problem with AdWords is that it is complicated! To use it well takes a lot of knowledge. And if it’s not used well, it’s going to lead to wasted money. Even a small detail can be the difference between a successful approach and one that just throws money down the drain.
The silver lining to that is that it creates an opportunity. Most businesses using AdWords are not using it very well. Someone who uses it wisely and efficiently, has an advantage over most of their competitors. That means getting more new business than they are… while paying less than they are.

Where do the ads appear?

AdWords offers several kinds of advertising, including search, display, and video.

Search advertising allows you to advertise your products or services right at the moment people are searching for them. Someone does the search on Google… Your ad appears right in front of them.

Display advertising is very different. When you choose display advertising, your ads appear next to content around the web. Next to news articles, YouTube videos, and more. There are millions of websites that show Google display ads. In fact, Google’s display ad network is the largest audience reach advertising platform on Earth.

Also through AdWords, you can do video advertising. The videos can be seen on YouTube, or other locations within the Google Display Network.

How much does it cost to use?

As I said, AdWords is extremely flexible. That is definitely true when it comes to costs. With every campaign, you choose your own daily budget. So, it is completely up to you how much to spend.

Primarily, AdWords is a pay per click system. That means that advertisers are only charged when someone actually clicks on the ad. What is the cost of the click? Click costs are determined by auction. Advertisers create bids to compete for space. Prices are affected by the competitiveness of the market. If the click costs are expensive, that’s a sign that money is being made. If businesses aren’t making money, they wouldn’t be bidding so high.

Flexibility of the System

One thing that few people realize is just how versatile and flexible AdWords is. There are so many ways that the system gives advertisers control over their advertising. Here are just a few ways:


For every campaign, you set a daily budget. It can be as low as one dollar per day.


Campaigns can be set to turn on and off on the schedule. For example, if you own a restaurant and have a Tuesday lunch special, you can have a campaign that only runs during the lunch hours on Tuesdays.


For your ad to show in search results, you choose keywords that will trigger your ads. But for a much higher degree of control, AdWords has a system of match types. The match types are an indispensable feature that lets you be specific about wordings of searches that will or won’t trigger your ads.

Location targeting

You can target particular countries, cities, ZIP Codes, or a customize radius around a location.


AdWords lets you set bid adjustments based on the device used by the searcher. For example, if you think people searching on a mobile smart phone are a better prospect for you, you can set your bids to be adjusted higher for those devices by the percentage of your choosing. If you think people searching on a mobile smart phone are less likely to be your customer, you can adjust your bids lower, up to negative 100%.

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