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z-call_extension_optionsIn a nutshell, call extensions add phone numbers to your ads. If your ad is showing on a desktop or tablet computer, a visible phone number appears with the ad. If your ad is showing on a mobile smart phone, there will be a clickable call button embedded in your ad.

Main choices for options and settings

Although the idea of call extensions is simple, AdWords gives you several options for how to use them.

One important option is the option to use a Google forwarding number instead of your main business phone number. The advantage of this feature is that you can get more reporting information. By opting to use the Google forwarding number, you can get data about the duration of the phone calls, location of the caller, and you can be aware when someone manually dialed the phone number. For example, if someone sees your ad with the phone number on a desktop or tablet computer, they might simply pick up their mobile phone and dial that number. If it’s your regular business number, you will have no way of knowing that the call came from in AdWords ad.

If you opted for the Google forwarding number, there will be a record that a manually dialed called occurred as a result of an ad. When this occurs, the advertiser is not charged— as long as the person doesn’t actually click on the ad.

Another strong advantage to using the Google forwarding number is that you can set up conversion tracking based on calls. You can set every call that comes from in ad to be recorded as a conversion, or only calls that last a certain length of time. If you are using calls as a conversion action, you can then choose to use CPA/cost per acquisition bidding.

Another option you will have is to schedule your call extensions. This could be useful if your business only answers calls during business hours.

Finally, one other option you have is related to mobile devices. For viewers of your ad on a mobile smart phone, you can give them the option of click to call button, AND a click to go to your website button. Or you can decide to only give them the click to call button, thereby promoting the call over website visits.

Best practices

Call extensions are a simple concept, but can get confusing.

My main suggestions would be:

  • Definitely set them up and enable them if your business wants to drive phone calls.
  • Opt for the Google forwarding number in order to give you more data.
  • And strongly consider setting up calls of a certain duration to be recorded as conversions

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