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Barry--BW Profile Photo--qual. 80%I am Barry Abraham, owner of Brickway Marketing. Thanks for clicking to know more about me!

  1. I live in Port St. Lucie, Florida. This area of Florida is known as the “Treasure Coast.” I am originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, but also spent some years living in Nashville, Tennessee.
  2. My wife and I met on a Caribbean cruise in 1998. Now we have three children; a boy and two girls.
  3. My interest in marketing goes back to the mid-90s when I started creating websites. However, my life changed when I first read a book about the Google AdWords advertising platform. I was quickly blown away by how clever and complex the system is, and how much opportunity could be gained by those with expertise.
  4. Although my primary focus is on Google-related advertising (including YouTube), I also offer many other services like: Facebook ads and promotion, video creation, website creation, online review generation, content creation, and more.
  5. For more than 25 years, I was a traveling entertainer (juggler and comedian). I worked in nightclubs, in theaters, and on over 60 cruise ships.

Would you like to connect with me?  Give me a call at:  772-905-7600

"The Internet Marketing Strategy Book"

Barry Abraham is the author of "The Internet Marketing Strategy Book."  This is a 10-chapter book that gives an easy-to-understand overview of current Internet marketing opportunities.


I’ve been using Barry Abraham of Brickway Marketing for the last 18 months. He has increased our Internet presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Over all, business has increased 15 to 20 %. In addition, he helped us earn a 5 star rating on Google searches. His expertise and consultation has been a great value. I highly recommend his services.

David Pellicano

Owner, A-Advantage Insurance

Barry is very organized, knowledgeable, and responsive. He has been successfully managing the AdWords campaigns for several of our company's brands for the past year. His expertise has helped grow our customer base and increased sales.  We are happy customers!

Molly Hunsinger

Trim Nutrition

Working with Barry Abraham from Brickway Marketing was a great help to my business. We have a marketing company but our knowledge about using Google Adwords effectively was lacking. Barry was able to explain several steps we could take to make big improvements. We trust Barry as a true expert that we can rely on.

Frank Motola


Thank you so much for the wonderful job you've done for us.  Our success with the public sector has been in no small part due to your work improving our presence on the internet.

I'm happy to report the endeavor was a great success!  Thanks again.

Lisa Cooper

All City Electric

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