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z-review_extensionsReview extensions allow you to have positive reviews and comments appear with your ads. This is a great opportunity for advertisers because positive reviews can help you get more clicks and conversions. It’s becoming increasingly common for consumers to spend time looking at reviews before making purchasing decisions. This extension can be just what your business needs to give you a leg up on your competitors. It adds an element of “social proof,” which is always helpful to ad in your marketing.

How they work

When it appears with your ad, the review extension will include your paraphrased or exact quote, along with a link to the published source.

What happens if someone clicks on the review?  If someone decides to click on the review in the ad, they will be taken to the third party review site. When this happens, there is no cost to the advertiser. There are only a few instances when Google doesn’t charge you for a click on your ad— this is one of them. If they click on another part of the ad, there will of course be a normal charge for A click.

When you create a review extension, you’ll choose and enter your own quoted or paraphrased review. You can use a paraphrased or exact quote, as long as it’s attributed and linked to the published source.

Best practices

Keep reviews distinct from your ad text. That is, be sure that you don’t duplicate in your review extension what you might have added to your actual ad text.

Although you can paraphrase the review, do so with caution. Some changes could be disapproved by Google, such as adding on exclamation point to the quote.

Using a review that’s over one-year-old might not be eligible to appear in a review extension.

Avoid repeating your business name in the review text.

Reviews should focus on your business as a whole, as opposed to a review about specific products or services. This makes the review relevant to all of your ads.

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