Do You Know the Types of Remarketing Available Through AdWords?

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za--types_of_rmkRemarketing is a powerful and cost-effective method of advertising with AdWords. When you are remarketing, you are advertising specifically to the people who have already visited your website, or certain pages of your website. These are people who’ve already taken an interest in what you have to offer. Remarketing ads serve as a good reminder of your products and services, and can entice the viewers to become your customer.

You could also remarket specifically to people who have already become your customer. Perhaps they made a purchase once. Remarketing allows you to promote other things they might be interested in.


Display network remarketing

Here’s an example of how display remarketing works: Suppose your business is building custom swimming pools and Jacuzzis. You have a special webpage that shows your top-of-the-line Jacuzzi product. One day, someone finds your website and looks at that particular webpage. Three days later, they are reading a news article and see an ad for your Jacuzzi product right next to that news article. (Keep in mind, Google display ads appear next to content on millions of pages around the web, including news articles.)


Search network remarketing

Display network remarketing means that your ads will show next to content on the web, like a news article. There are millions of websites that show Google display advertisements. They can be text ads, image ads, video ads, or other types. Remarketing for the search network is a relatively new development. In AdWords, this feature is called RLSAs, which stands for remarketing lists for search ads.

Remarketing lists for search ads let you customize your search ads for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors specifically. Making good use of RLSAS take some creative thinking and strategy. You might want to use them only for people who visited your site, but did not make a purchase.

RLSAs are often used to upsell items to people who have already made a purchase.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is only for advertisers with a Google Merchant Center account. When you use dynamic remarketing, you show dynamically created ads to your website visitors based on information coming from your Merchant Center product feed. These ads are created based on the pages your customers visited or how they interacted with your site. These ads include details such as a product image, title, and price


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