What is Conversion Optimizer?

In my opinion, the Google documentation about Conversion Optimizer is confusing. Whenever you try to research what it is, all you get are articles about CPA bidding. Conversion Optimizer is presented as if it’s a standalone tool. And then it’s explained as if it’s...

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Actual Freebies from AdWords

When you think of Google AdWords, one word that might pop into your mind is, “expensive.” True, AdWords advertising is not always cheap. It depends on many things, but especially the type of targeting you want to employ. Some types of targeting—like display...

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10 AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

As many businesses have discovered in their attempts to gain online exposure, it is not easy to succeed with Google AdWords. It is a very complicated platform that offers a dizzying array of options, settings, and advertising methods that can be employed. As a result,...

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Learn About Budgets in AdWords

For people not deeply familiar with Google AdWords, it can be a bit intimidating to try to use it. One of the scariest parts has to do with costs. People are worried that their costs will be out of control, and rightly so. If not set up properly, campaigns can waste a...

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Ways to Find if Your AdWords Ad is Showing

There are many complicated aspects to using Google AdWords. One frustrating thing is when you set up your campaign, and then have difficulty seeing your ad appear in Google searches. This article is to explain the most common reasons why your ad might not be...

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The Beethoven Approach to Marketing

One of my favorite quotes is from Ludwig van Beethoven-- the legendary composer. He said: “Don’t just practice your art, force your way into its secrets.” I think this principle applies very well to Internet marketing. If you want to succeed with Internet marketing by...

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The 12 Most Important Things to Know About AdWords

Google AdWords is a remarkable advertising platform that offers businesses an incredible amount of outlets, methods, features, and techniques for getting highly targeted, cost efficient exposure. It is very complicated to execute well, however, and introduces many new...

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AdWords: Brand vs. Direct Response Advertising

There are two basic advertising goals that AdWords is commonly used for: branding, and direct response.   For brand advertising, you simply want to promote your brand to a target audience. You want them to be familiar with your company and what you offer. You...

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Overview of AdWords Advertising

This article is to give a brief and clear overview of advertising with the Google AdWords platform. I’m going to explain what AdWords is, where the ads appear, and the costs involved. Let’s get started.   What is AdWords? AdWords is Google’s online platform for...

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The Four Types of Searchers

To be successful with paid search advertising, it’s very important to understand the different ways people use search engines. This is very useful for planning your campaigns, and can help you be much more successful in reaching the right people. Search engine users...

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Barry Abraham, founder of Brickway Marketing, is the author of “The Internet Marketing Strategy Book.”  This is a 10-chapter book that gives an easy-to-understand overview of current Internet marketing opportunities.