Things You Must Know About Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload your store and product information to Google. That makes your products eligible to appear in product listing ads on, or on the Google Shopping web property. Setting up a Google Merchant Center account...

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AdWords: Should You Create a New Campaign? Or Ad Group

One of the many learning curves involved with AdWords has to do with account structure. As you build out your account, you will no doubt encounter the occasional dilemma of whether to create a new campaign for an advertising objective, or create a new ad group...

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Understand Bidding on the Google Display Network

One of the most important aspects to learn for being successful with AdWords is the art and science of bidding. There is a lot to know, and it gets a little complicated. This article is meant to explain the different bidding options available for display advertising...

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What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic search ads are dynamically created ads based on the content of your website. The targeting for dynamic search ads is also automated. This means there is no need to choose keywords or create ads. Dynamic search ads can save a great deal of time. Instead of...

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Planning a Good Account Structure in AdWords

The key to success with AdWords is optimization. You want to run campaigns, get good data from those campaigns, and make decisions about how to improve your efforts. This means making constant changes. Changes in bids, adding new keywords, new ad groups, new...

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What Determines your ACTUAL Cost-Per-Click in AdWords?

When people hear that AdWords uses a cost-per-click model to charge advertisers, the question that comes to their mind soon is, “How much does a click cost?” If you are familiar with AdWords, you know there is no simple answer to that question. Always keep in mind...

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One Key to AdWords: Choose the Right Bidding Method

These are the basic bid strategies in AdWords: Automatic CPC bidding Manual CPC bidding CPM bidding, CPA bidding The bid strategy you choose should depend on your advertising goals. Let's look at each of these strategies. Automatic CPC bidding With automatic CPC...

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Pros & Cons of Conversion Optimizer in AdWords

CPA bidding (also known as Conversion Optimizer) is a feature in AdWords that allows you to set bids based on how much you'd like to pay for a conversion on your website--as opposed to bidding how much you'd like to pay per click. So it’s like this… Let’s say you sell...

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