10 Things to Know about Your Budget in AdWords

For people not deeply familiar with Google AdWords, it can be a bit intimidating to try to use it. One of the scariest parts has to do with costs. People are worried that their costs will be out of control, and rightly so. If not set up properly, campaigns can waste a...

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Know These Call Extension Options & Settings

In a nutshell, call extensions add phone numbers to your ads. If your ad is showing on a desktop or tablet computer, a visible phone number appears with the ad. If your ad is showing on a mobile smart phone, there will be a clickable call button embedded in your ad....

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Manual vs. Automated Extensions in AdWords

Ad extensions are way to extend your ads with useful information and added functionality. They can help tremendously with click through rates, and improved ROI. Ad extensions can be categorized as manual, or automated. With manual ad extensions, the advertiser chooses...

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Overview of “PLA” Ads in AdWords

Product listing ads are a unique ad format in AdWords that allow you to promote products that are for sale on your website. While it’s possible to use standard search or display ads to promote your products, product listing ads offer an opportunity to gain a special...

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AdWords: Callout vs. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions in AdWords extend your ad to show links to different pages of your website. While normal ads direct users to one landing page in particular, sitelinks offer the user several options so that they can go directly to the page they are most interested...

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Do You Understand Review Extensions in AdWords

Review extensions allow you to have positive reviews and comments appear with your ads. This is a great opportunity for advertisers because positive reviews can help you get more clicks and conversions. It’s becoming increasingly common for consumers to spend time...

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AdWords Must Do: “Call Out” Extensions

Callout ad extensions allow you to include additional text in your search ads. This lets you add more information about your products, services, and business. Callouts are great for highlighting unique offers that can differentiate your ad from your competitor’s ads....

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10 Things You Need to Know About Call Extensions in AdWords

Call extensions are an excellent feature in AdWords for businesses that want to drive phone calls. Call extensions appear differently depending on the type of device. On a mobile smart phone, call extensions take the form of a clickable call button. This makes it very...

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