AdWords Must Do: “Call Out” Extensions

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z-calloutsCallout ad extensions allow you to include additional text in your search ads. This lets you add more information about your products, services, and business. Callouts are great for highlighting unique offers that can differentiate your ad from your competitor’s ads.

Why you should use them

It’s highly advisable to use callout extensions for all of your ads. There are several great benefits to callout extensions, including:

  • You can promote the uniqueness of your products or services
  • They are easy to change and update
  • You can add them at the account, campaign, or ad group levels
  • You will get detailed reporting to find out how they affect your click through rates and conversion rates
  • You can create callouts that are optimized for mobile devices
  • You can create different callouts, and schedule them–thereby promoting different offers at different times, or on different days of the week

Key points about them

You need to create a minimum of two callouts per account, campaign, or ad group for your ad to be eligible to show with callouts. However, it’s recommended to create the maximum number of callouts for every level that you create them for–such as account, campaign, or ad group.

If you set up callouts at the account level, they will be set up for every ad in your account. At lower level such as campaign and ad group level, you can create different callouts to override the account level ones. Or you could opt to turn them off at lower levels

And it’s also possible and acceptable to use them along with site links. Google might sometimes show your ad with both callouts and site link extensions.

You can create mobile specific callouts. For example, if you want to highlight certain information that’s relevant to people on mobile devices, just create your mobile preferred callout and check the mobile box next to device preference when setting up the call out.

You can limit which devices your callout extensions can appear on at the account, campaign, or ad group level. For example, you can select the desktop and tablet devices only option when setting up the call out.

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