AdWords: Callout vs. Sitelink Extensions

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z-callouts_vs_sitelinksSitelink extensions in AdWords extend your ad to show links to different pages of your website. While normal ads direct users to one landing page in particular, sitelinks offer the user several options so that they can go directly to the page they are most interested in. For example, sitelinks might appear for your contact page, products page, or other pages about specific products or services.

Callout extensions extend your ad with text that can promote certain offers, features, and other characteristics of your business. For example, callouts are great for distinguishing your ad from your competitor’s ad. Benefits like “free shipping,” “24-hour customer service,” “three-year warranty,” and other unique selling propositions can make your ad more appealing.

Sitelinks and callout extensions can be used together and appear with the same ad.

When to use site links

A great thing about sitelinks is that they significantly expand the size of your ad. This means your ad becomes more noticeable on the page, and can make your business look more prominent.

Be sure to set up sitelinks, especially if you have several different webpages users might be interested in. This can be a way to highlight and promote different products or services. For example, if you are a plumber in your ad appears for the search “sink installation”— your sitelinks could let a viewer know that you also offer 24-hour emergency service, or dishwasher installation.

When to use callouts

It is highly recommended use callout extensions to highlight particular features and benefits of your business. Unlike sitelinks, callout extensions are not separately clickable. If someone clicks on a call out extension, it will lead to the landing page for that ad.

Think of callouts as a way to get more information into your ad. Consider the text of your actual ad, then use the call out extension to enhance and support that message. In particular, it makes sense to highlight certain benefits related to service, warranties, shipping, etc.

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