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BRI--blog--freebiesWhen you think of Google AdWords, one word that might pop into your mind is, “expensive.” True, AdWords advertising is not always cheap. It depends on many things, but especially the type of targeting you want to employ. Some types of targeting—like display remarketing–are quite inexpensive. But perhaps you didn’t know that there are several plain freebies that can come from AdWords. I’m going to explain what they are, why they are beneficial, and how to take advantage of them.


Manually Dialed Phone Number

if you are using the call extensions feature in AdWords, your phone number can appear alongside your ad on desktop and tablet computers. If the viewer of your ad decides to pick up their phone and call that number without ever clicking on your ad, you will not have to pay Google for a click or a call, or anything at all. If you are using your normal business phone number, this can happen without you ever knowing it. There will be no reporting data of it in AdWords. However, if you are using a Google forwarding number— which is a built-in option when setting up call extensions— you can get reporting data on this occurrence in AdWords. You see the data by clicking “segments,” and then “click type.” There you can sometimes see a segment called “manually dialed calls.”


Clicks on Extensions

In general, any click on any part of your ad— including on ad extensions— results in a click charge. However, there are several ad extensions that can be clicked without any charge to the advertiser, including review extensions and seller ratings


Combo Effect of Organic and Paid

One of the great free benefits from AdWords is that ads can show on the same page that your organic or local listings can appear. When a business appears more than once on a Google search results page, there are three benefits: 1– the business is more likely to get noticed. 2– the business seems more prominent and credible. 3–the person often ends up clicking the organic listing instead of the paid ad. From this scenario, the paid ad benefits the advertiser by showing more prominence on page one, and at no cost because the user clicks the organic listing.


Display/Remarketing Impressions

Display advertising with AdWords, including remarketing, can result in a tremendous number of ad impressions– most of which will result in no charge to the advertiser because they will not be clicked on. However, there is no denying that the enormous number of free impressions accrued from display ads can have a significant branding and direct response benefit to the business. They help keep your products and services on people’s minds often. Display ads that contain a simple, self-contained message (like “vote for Bob!”) can be seen by many. The ad can be free of any offer or call-to-action that promotes or invites a click.

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