10 Things You Need to Know About Call Extensions in AdWords

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Call extensions are an excellent feature in AdWords for businesses that want to drive phone calls. Call extensions appear differently depending on the type of device. On a mobile smart phone, call extensions take the form of a clickable call button. This makes it very easy for users to initiate a phone call to your business. On desktop and tablet computers, call extension simply display a phone number along with your ad. Here are 10 things you should know about call extensions:


  1. On a desktop or tablet computer, if someone sees the phone number from the call extension, and simply starts dialing it on their phone, there is no charge to the advertiser since the ad was never clicked on.
  2. It’s possible to see how people interact with your call extensions by seeing data in the extensions tab in AdWords, data in the Dimensions tab, or by clicking “segments,” and then “click type.”
  3. Call extensions have an optional feature that allows you to use a Google forwarding number. With this feature, Google will swap your phone number for one of its own.
  4. When using this feature, you can see more statistics related to phone call activity from your extensions.
  5. Call extensions can be scheduled. If your business has a 24/7 call center, you might not want to schedule your call extensions. However, if there are times of the day or days of the week when your business phone does not get answered, you may wish to have your call extensions turned off during those days and times.
  6. Call extensions work well in conjunction with location extensions, even though location extensions also include a phone number. When call extensions and location extensions appear together, the phone number is pulled AdWords from the call extension.
  7. A conversion action can be set up based on phone calls from call extensions. It can be defined by calls that last a certain length of time. For example, calls that last one minute or more can be recorded as conversions in AdWords.
  8. You can have different call extensions set to display on different devices— for example, you could have one phone number in your extension that shows on desktop and tablet computers, and another phone number in your call extension for mobile devices
  9. Display Network call extensions show only on high-end mobile phones (not on desktops, laptops, or tablets).
  10. Display Network call extensions can’t be used with Google forwarding numbers

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